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One night in Bangkok - A tourist finding sex in Thailand

One night in Bangkok - A tourist finding sex in Thailand

It was September 2005 and this was my first visit to Thailand. It was my second visit to a third world country as earlier that year had been to Goa in India. I had done a fair amount of research on the internet before arriving in Bangkok and the one thing I remember is that someone had reported it will change you forever. Some guys never recover. There was something in this statement I knew would come back to haunt me.

Another good source of research of the more non-mongering kind is as always the invaluable lonely planet guides to a particular country. Quite often they will touch on the seedy side of life. It also warns you of all the scams that you could potentially fall victim too. I had read the following in much detail before arriving.

We arrived about 11am on a Sunday morning, by 1pm we were walking into town and the action hopefully. The first bar I had a bottle of Carlsberg beer in the Golden Bar adjacent to the Nana Hotel. Was with 2 friends, they both got friendly with some girls working in this bar buying drinks but they were not good lookers.
soi 4 Nana
I knew there must be alot better around. I left them there and went back to the hotel to freshen up and explore.

We were staying at the Royal Asia lodge down the bottom of Soi 8 Sukhumvit road. Very girl friendly - do not really recommend the roof top pool(bath tub) or the restaurant, the American breakfast is not bad and the coffee was very good. Anyway was about 6-7pm walking down the Sukhumvit just taking in the sights and sounds, was like being in a new wonderland. Really fancied a massage, I had heard alot about them, after the 12 hour jet lag and lack of sleep thought this would be a good start.

Stop off in a place opposite soi 10, yellow neon light up an ally with bars to the side with big word 'Massage'. A beautiful girl came up to me not the typical extremely slim but big boobs and a bit of meat on her. Laid naked on a bed and had a fantastic massage on my back. God I even fell asleep - so relaxing. She was very good at it. Well then had to turn over, sure most of you have been here before. Massaged me a bit and then near the area.. Began to get a bit hard, she asked me if I wanted something more. I said yes, she stripped off and was very shy I had to reassure her.

Wow what a beautiful body - well in the end I shot my load all over her tits! its the best titty massage I have ever had. I sat on the bed and she stood in front of me and got her tits in the right position and pushed them together and applied just the right pressure and rhythm. Paid her 1000Bt and was 500Bt for the massage which lasted well over 1 hour.

I then walked to the Nana Plaza entertainment complex(NEP). Now about 8pm and my friends were no where to be seen. Sat in my first Gogo bar - must have been the only one in there about 10 girls dancing - all with perfect butts - it was totally hypnotic.
This was the first gogo bar I had been in. Initially I was a little apprehensive in base I was going to get ripped off or something. The last time I had walked into a girly bar anything like this was many years previous in Soho London. I've heard some bad stories about Patpong but for the most part they are totally safe to enter.

Fantastic to just sit there and watch! well one came and sat next to me and was very persistent - I was naive then and she wanted to show me around. I went along with it. We end up in another Gogo on the top floor. One off her friends comes over, was very beautiful too. I then start getting ideas about a threesome.
I mention this to them and they are well up for it. Pay her bar fine and go into the short time hotel in the complex, think it was about 300B. Was playing around, but realised I had only shot me load an hour or two ago, but then got on top of the second one and the other massaged my balls while I fucked the other. It was very good and I cum again.

Well I liked the second one - gave her a bit of affection and she responded and wanted to take me back to my hotel. She came back with me and we got into bed.
Nana gogo girl
She sang some Thai songs to me and we both fell asleep. She left in the morning, asked me to come to bar again. I never did as there is plenty more where she came from and I had another 10 nights to do...

I went back to the hotel to see what my friends got up to. Phil was in the room with the very first girl he had talked to the afternoon before in the Golden Bar. My other friend had taken the other two back from the same bar, but had then refused to pay them as he did not think they were very good. He also did not have any Thai money left. Apparently my other friend paid them off to get rid of them.

I left them too it. I went on a day out with a Tuk Tuk rider 200baht to take me around Bangkok for the day. I did not realise then that every place he took me he would get commission on any money i spent in the place. First stop was a big
massage parlour(MP). But only a few girls on so we left there, it must of only been around midday. He then took me too the river where i paid 1000bht for a river trip on my own longboat. I enjoyed this.

Bangkok river trip

Stopped somewhere halfway where there was a zoo and they put on a show with snakes. The tuk tuk driver then took me to a temple. I went inside and some guy started talking to me about gems. How I should buy some. Get really good price for them back home.
Buddha temple
Next stop was a gem shop. So naive then, i did not put the two together. I ended up buying some jewellery for around £1500 pounds. the 'lady princess' set. I was hoping to get double this for them back home. Thinking it would pay for my trip.

Back at the hotel, i met up with my friends. We went out drinking down the Nana area and along the Sukhumvit. My friend Phil had his girlfriend in tow. He was falling in love. Back home he had not had a girlfriend for years. We left him and got a Tuk Tuk to soi Cowboy. Only knew it by name then and not where it was, had just read about it. We sat in a few bars and it was a little before 7:00pm, before the girls start working. Eventually i met a lovely girl in one of these bars and took her back to the hotel.

soi cowboy bar girl
In the hotel, she started going on about only being able to so short time. Ok I thought. Undressed she not look so sexy, totally shaved pussy which is not my thing. Anyway we fucked for a while but I was having a problem cumming. In the end she squatted on the bed and I wanked and cum all over her buttocks. I left her and found my friend in a gogo in the Nana and we had a good time in there just playing around with all the girls. That night I went back alone.

The next day the seeds of love are planted...


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